Track System?

One of the distinct characteristics of BYU-Idaho that sets it apart from other universities is the Three Track System.

According to the the University website, the reason for the track system is that it, “allows BYU-Idaho to admit thousands of students every year who would otherwise be denied due to lack of university resources (space, staff, etc.).”

To accomplish the admission of more students, they divide the year into three different seasons, or tracks, and assign each student to two out of the three seasons (Summer being an optional semester): Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring, or Spring/Fall.

It is also said that because Rexburg being mainly populated with college students, the track system was created to help businesses from the ghost-town summers.

Track assignments are made by first, applying to BYU- I and receiving an admission offer (track offer is not yet made at this time). Applicants are then invited to submit a supplemental online questionnaire that allows them to share information they feel BYU-Idaho should consider when determining their track offer.

All information from the application and supplemental questionnaires are individually reviewed in light of current university needs. Applicants receive a track offer based on this review. Students remain on the same track through graduation.

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