How It All Started

Like any other college student, it seems my homework isn’t the only thing my “dog” has been eating… When preparing for my first year of college, I earned just enough money to pay merely for my schooling, housing, and food—that’s it. I didn’t even think to put into account extra money for spontaneous outings with friends, special occasions, even fast food runs!—Everyone munching on their delicious crispy french fries and juicy cheese burgers, while I sipped my free plastic cup of water… I hated being that friend!—When I dreamed of the day I would be old enough to go to college, this definitely wasn’t what I had in mind at all.

I was tired of being the loser, cheapskate friend—always sitting on the sidelines while I watched as everyone else enjoyed ‘the college lyfe’. That’s when I decided to do something about it, and started planning inexpensive outings/things to do with my friends.I mean, why let money keep you from having fun, right? I stopped blaming my “dog”, you should too.