Expected Expenses?


12 or more credits-
LDS Tuition= $2,104 / semester
Non – LDS Tuition= $4,208 / semester

♦ Financial Aid/Scholarship Information

$200 – $500 / semester
—Payments really depend on the type of classes, but that’s what I would say
is the average cost range for books and supplies. (Not including laptop payments.)

♦ I like to wait until after the first day of class to get my books. Sometimes teachers end up deciding not to teach from the book. By waiting, it can save you a good amount of money I’m always a fan of that.

♦ Book Viking is a cheap book rental store just down the street from campus. They don’t have every book, but your chances of them having the books you need are better than not!

$10 – $30 / semester


$900 – $1625 / semester

♦ Choosing your housing is just one of the many things you have to decide on before school starts…
Here is a tool that can assist you in finding exactly what you are looking for in a temporary home.

$450 – $1000 / semester
—Of course this greatly varies on the person, and living situations.

$90 – $500
—Of course this depends on where you’re traveling from and how often, but travel should definitely be factored into your budget.If you have a car, also factor in what your housing charges for a parking space at your .

♦ If driving isn’t an option, Frontier/Allegiant Air offer flights for pretty darn cheap. Like most other good deals, there is a catch to this one too… Allegiant Air practically charges you for anything known to man. This would probably be your cheapest option if you are traveling light, and can fit everything you need into a ‘personal’ carry-on (the type that fit under your seat).

♦ Another popular travel option if you can’t drive is the Salt Lake Express. It prices around $60 from Rexburg to Salt Lake airport, one-way, and around $70 one way to the Boise airport.

Factor in unexpected outings with friends, birthdays, or other emergencies,
for example, chocolate withdrawals. program fees, additional supplies